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Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits


Should I apply for Social Security Disability benefits?

(Yes, if your answers match those below.)

  1. Are you unable to work due to a medical condition? Yes
  2. Receiving treatment for a medical condition(s)? Yes
  3. Will your condition last at least 12 months? Yes
  4. Does your condition prevent you from working? Yes​

​When should I apply for disability benefits? As soon as you stop working due to a chronic (>1yr) disability.​

How does someone apply for Social Security Disability benefits?  Initial applications for SSI/SSDI benefits may be applied for by phone, in person or online application.

My claim and reconsideration were denied, now what?Over 75% of initial applications and reconsideration (the first 2 stages) are denied. However, with attorney representation there is a significant opportunity to receive an award of benefits by effectively presenting your case at the hearing stage before a Judge. Appeal a denial online here.

What do you charge for legal representation?Attorneys fees are recovered only if benefits are awarded;by law they are set at: the lesser of 25% of past due benefits or $6,000 (the max set by SSA).


How can LawMed help me get my benefits? ​

Understand legal/medical issues of your case

Identify deficiencies in your medical records

Cross-Examine SSA experts at ALJ hearing

Present legal theory of your case at hearing