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Medical Conditions

Social Security Disability Lawyers: 
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KEY CONCEPT: Connecting Your Condition to Impairments

Please Note: There are no absolute "automatic" qualifying conditions -  each case if considered in the context of SSA listings depends on its own nuances whether the listing criteria are met with respect to establishing what the SSA blue book requires.

There are a wide range of disabling medical conditions (physical and psychological) that serve as the basis for applying for disability benefits. Each medical condition, whether physical or psychological has "impairments" that result from the condition in question and which cause "limitations" affecting one's ability to work.

SSA utilizes the term "Impairments" (and resulting "limitations" - why you cannot work) are the essential information that must be consistently documented in your medical progress notes by the treating sources (doctors and/or psychologists, psychiatrists). See medical conditions at:

Conditions A-G: medical conditions starting with letter "A" through "G"

Conditions H-Z: medical conditions starting with letter "H" through "Z"

How We Can Help

Our medical experts will review your case and get to know the variations of your condition. This translates into helping the legal experts know how to argue your case and fight for the benefits you deserve.