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ERISA Disability Benefits for Knee Replacement

ERISA Disability: Southern California Lawyers

ERISA Disability Benefits for Knee Replacement

If you or someone you know is considering knee replacement, a new resource can help you understand how it works, how to prepare for surgery, and what to expect in recovery.

Knee replacement involves removing parts of your natural knee joint and replacing them with artificial parts. Knee replacement is the most common type of joint replacement surgery.

Several forms of arthritis can damage knees and cause so much pain and disability that knees need to be replaced. Certain knee deformities—such as bowed legs or knock knees—can wear down cartilage and create difficulties. Knee damage can also result from a problem called avascular necrosis, or osteonecrosis, in which the bones lose their blood supply, die, and eventually collapse.

If other treatments haven't helped, your doctor may suggest knee replacement when pain and stiffness begin to interfere with your everyday activities.

If you'd like to consider knee replacement, ask your doctor to refer you to an orthopedic surgeon, a doctor specially trained to treat problems of the bones and joints.


Essential Medical Documentation of OA for Disability Benefits Needed:
  • How far can you walk?
  • How long can you stand? Do you need a cane/walker to ambulate?
  • How much can you lift and carry? 
  • Do you have difficulty reaching, bending, squatting, stooping? Describe.
  • What is your average daily pain level?
  • Do you have objective tests confirming OA such as X-Rays/MRIs
  • Do you have swelling, pain on examination?
  • Are you doing physical therapy?

Documenting your limitations:  How does your condition affect you? Be specific to articulate to your physician details of your physical limitations and how they impact you on a daily basis with regard to your daily living activities, your ability to stand/walk, lift/carry, and even sit for extended periods of time and need for breaks or rest from pain or fatigue. These are important factors and details regarding your functional capacity and important in evaluating whether you can perform your work or any work.

How We Can Help

Our medical experts will review your case and get to know the variations of your condition. This translates into helping the legal experts know how to argue your case and fight for the benefits you deserve.