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Vocational Expert Testimony

Posted by Peter Bohan | Oct 04, 2016

"The Vocational Expert is out to get me!" (anonymous claimant)...Although the VE (Vocational Expert) may present some hurdles for a claimant seeking benefits, he/she is not "out to get" claimants. The role of the VE is to identify jobs from the "DOT" that a claimant could potentially still do given his/her limitations and transferrable skills (considering claimant's age, past relevant work and education). If the ALJ (Judge) and lawyer both present a series of hypothetical questions that include ALL the claimant's limitations (physical and mental), then the number of potentially available hypothetical jobs should begin to drastically diminish or result in a conclusion by the VE that there would be NO jobs for someone with all the limitations described in the hypothetical questions. Thus, the real objective becomes more about convincing the ALJ that the limitations included in the hypothetical questions are indeed ones the claimant has.

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