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The Long Wait to a Hearing

Posted by Peter Bohan | Jul 12, 2016

The time that elapses from the point of requesting a hearing to the actual hearing is approximately 16 months. Is there any relief from this agonizing wait?

1) Not objecting to a VTC "video teleconferencing" hearing typically reduces the wait time before compared to a face to face hearing. Claimants can balance that factor against not having the face to face element factor in their hearing.

2) OTR - "on the record" decisions requests are another strategy to obtain a favorable decision without having a hearing. In cases where the medical record is overwhelmingly compelling, this should be an avenue for the attorney to consider.

3) Compassionate Allowance (CAL) - if a claimant's condition has progressed considerably to the point where it meets one of the compassionate allowances conditions, this might provide a fast track towards a favorable ruling.

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Peter Bohan

Attorney since 1996; dedicated to representing Social Security Disability claimants before the Social Security Administration.

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