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Late/Missed Hearing!

Posted by Peter Bohan | Aug 26, 2016

Sometimes, after all the wait..the claimant arrives late or even misses the hearing..outta luck? If the attorney representative is hired, and a 1696 is filed, it's not the end of the day. The attorney can offer evidence, provide argument, cross examine the experts (medical expert ((ME)) and vocational expert ((VE))..yet, the Judge will require the claimant to show cause why he/she was not there. It may be the case (as happened to us recently) where the client had moved, changed phone numbers, and believed that his hearing was to be held on a different day. As long as the claimant provides a valid reason why he/she was not present and provides testimony for Judge's questions, then all is not lost. 

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Peter Bohan

Attorney since 1996; dedicated to representing Social Security Disability claimants before the Social Security Administration.

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