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Disability judges: will my judge be fair?

Posted by Peter Bohan | May 03, 2018

You have a hearing date upcoming and there is a judge assigned. Who is the judge and how do I find out any information that I can about him or her? There is a website that compiles reviews of judges and you can look up the location of the hearing office to see what comments are written there about your judge.

Be cautioned that some comments may not give a very accurate picture  (see comments with name calling and insults); understandably, people who lose their claim after such a long wait with time, energy and hope invested will be absolutely devastated if not approved for benefits. On the other hand, if there are consistently negative comments across the board (and/or positive comments) then this might be a clue that there might be more than just a few upset claimants. 

Lawyers (attorney representatives) comments are perhaps another useful clue because the attorney representatives do appear in front of many different judges and have a pretty good perspective (especially if many years of experience) regarding the opinion stated of a given judge. Another point to look at is the percentage of cases approved - if it is far below the national average then that may be something to factor into your understanding of the type of judge you may be facing. 

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