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Social Media Posts Viewed by SSA?

Posted by Peter Bohan | Mar 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

Efforts and investigation into having SSA keep an eye on those who utilize social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter are apparently happening and there are some stepped up efforts by the Trump administration in this regard according to a recent article. The bottom line is that there is a very small chance that what a person posts on social media could potentially come back to haunt them if they are receiving either private disability benefits (from a private insurer) or Social Security disability benefits for that matter.

This is an issue whereby disability benefits recipients are urged to use common sense obviously since what is posted for public consumption may come back to haunt one; it is always a safe to assume that what you post on social media could eventually be seen by anyone. Obviously, this can become problematic since (as the article points out), someone may post something today (doing physical activity) that actually occurred years ago. See article here.

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