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Proposed Attack on Benefits

Posted by Peter Bohan | Dec 19, 2019

A recent article highlights what is currently not well known or widely disseminated in the media. There is a continuous effort by Republicans and Trump to chip away at Social Security disability benefits. The proposal of adding another layer of review for those who are receiving disability benefits aims at eventually taking away the benefits of millions of Americans. In short, the proposal is that people who are receiving benefits and who are categorized as having a "likelihood of improvement" (medically) will be more closely scrutinized by repeatedly having to prove that they are still disabled after the award of benefits. Those who are unable to prove that will have benefits stripped. The likely result of this will be not only that millions of disability recipients will lose their benefits but the additional resources that will be required to go towards monitoring the millions of recipients continuously will undoubtedly put an additional significant strain on an already severely strained system. Please be proactive in notifying your representatives if this strikes you as being unfair and unjust.

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Peter Bohan

Attorney since 1996; dedicated to representing Social Security Disability claimants before the Social Security Administration.

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