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Client Testimonials

Appreciative of LawMed team

"My wife has a serious disability and could no longer work. We tried applying for disability and was promptly denied. The whole process was foreign to us and we did not really know what the SS department was looking for regarding documentation. We met Dr. Bohan, Peter Bohan and Maria and they showed us what information to get. They organized our information and presented it to the court for review. My wife interviewed with the judge and she was approved. I have no doubt that if we had kept trying by ourselves that we would not have had the same positive result. We are very appreciative of the work by the LAWMED team. They came through for my wife. It's bad enough to be disabled. At least we had the right people looking out for us." Google

– Lowell Johnson

How We Can Help

Our medical experts will review your case and get to know the variations of your condition. This translates into helping the legal experts know how to argue your case and fight for the benefits you deserve.