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Inability to Speak English and Disability

Posted by Peter Bohan | Mar 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Recent changes in SSA disability evaluation depart from the previous notion that a person's inability to speak English, or limited skills with regard to same potentially impact their ability to engage in work. Thus, if we compare two hypothetical claimants seeking benefits (one who speaks English fluently and another who has no English skills/illiterate) who have the same work background and transferable skills (prior work is unskilled, limited education, over 50 years old), the logic that SSA follows here is that they would have equal ability to engage in work. The 'research' cited in the article on SSA's website is not displayed, nor is an explanation as to what has changed in the workplace such that the English language is a seemingly superfluous skill that has no impact on ability to engage in work.

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Peter Bohan

Attorney since 1996; dedicated to representing Social Security Disability claimants before the Social Security Administration.


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